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Beyond borders...


Beyond borders…

As the third largest district in the département of the Upper Rhine in population terms (with 20,305 inhabitants),
Saint-Louis is situated in the heart of a busy economic area in the French part of the Basel conurbation.

Carte des Trois frontières situant Saint-Louis

The town chiefly owes its success to its outstanding geographical location, at a natural crossroads between three countries: Switzerland, Germany and France.
It enjoys all the benefits of a unique transport network including in particular the EuroAirport.

A resolutely trinational success story

In the heart of the Trinational Eurodistrict Basel (TEB), the town of Saint-Louis works closely with the 62 members and German, Swiss and French local authorities to ensure the harmonious development of a conurbation totalling no fewer than 750,000 inhabitants from three countries.

Saint-Louis boasts 40 industries, 152 companies producing craftsman-made products, 198 service providers and 228 retail businesses. It is also a scientific centre with the Franco-German Research Institute (ISL), HOLO 3 (a laboratory carrying out research into holographic applications) and Piezotech (piezoelectric shock sensors and films).

Have you recently arrived in Saint-Louis?

Naturally, you probably have a number of questions about the formalities to be completed at the council offices of your adoptive town. Don't forget that the town council’s staff are there to help you as you weave your way through the administrative maze. To begin with, please see below a range of information about the first steps you need to take in order to make yourself known to your new community and to continue to exercise your rights here in Saint-Louis.

Support for Saint-Louis’ younger citizens

Almost a quarter of the population of Saint-Louis is aged under 20.
Thanks to the numerous amenities it manages, the town works to ensure their education, their self-fulfilment and their independence.

Tram, train & bus

Travelling around Alsace and the Trinational Eurodistrict Basel area (including Switzerland and Germany) couldn't be easier.

Take advantage of the competitive and simple pricing packages available!

Fairs and markets

Fairs and markets department
21 rue Théo Bachmann - 68300 SAINT-LOUIS
Tél. : 03 89 69 52 82

Waste collection centres

The emergency and security services: contact details


Town hall opening times


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de la ville de Saint-Louis

L’inscription à ce service est gratuite et vous permet de recevoir sur votre téléphone portable, en temps réel, des informations municipales à caractère d’urgence, la programmation culturelle de la Ville de Saint-Louis.

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